Fred Bauer

Senior Consultant
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Professional Experience

Mr. Bauer is a career Law Enforcement Officer of 20 years, with a local Municipal Police Department, in New Jersey. In addition to his duties as a Senior Patrolman, Fred has been a Tactical Officer (SWAT) for 18 years. He is currently one of the Team Leaders for the Monmouth County Emergency Response Team. Fred is an active instructor for both the Police Department and the Tactical Team. He holds instructor certifications in the following areas: Defensive Tactics (DT), O.C. Spray, Baton/ASP, Firearms (Handgun, Subgun and Rifle), FN 303 Less Lethal and Active School Shooter.

In 2000, Mr. Bauer took a leave of absence from his Department, to deploy as a member of an Ambassadorial Protection Team in Bosnia. As a member of the team, he performed close personal protection for Ambassador Jacques Klein and conducted surveillance detection operations in the high threat environment. Fred was again deployed, in April 2001 to Bosnia, as a member of a Close Protection Team for an American Banker, Toby Robinson. In March 2002, Fred was deployed again to Africa. While in Kenya, Mr. Bauer was part of a Close Protection Team for members of the Gates Foundation. Fred has become the Police Department’s Close Protection Team Leader and is directly responsible for the planning of any protective security and high risk escort operations which include:

  • 2001 V.P. Cheney perimeter/ motorcade detail, Howell N.J.
  • 2004 Sen. John Kerry fundraiser at Jon Bon Jovi residence
  • 2008 President Bush inner-perimeter detail, Freehold N.J.
  • 2008 President Bush inner-perimeter detail, Colts Neck N.J.
  • 2008 Sen. Barack Obama fundraiser at Jon Bon Jovi residence

In 1994, Fred began training with the Gung-Ho Chuan Association (GHCA). The GHCA, under the direction of Bob Kasper, is a brotherhood of close combat instructors who research, practice, develop and teach the principles, tactics and techniques used by the elite allied forces of World War II.

Fred holds a Degree in Criminal Justice, from Brookdale Community College. His credentials include:

  • Director of the GHCA
  • American Society or Arwrologists, 2nd Regent
  • 5th Degree Black Belt, American Karate Ju-Jitsu
  • State Department certified Defensive Tactics (DT) Instructor
  • US Marine Corp Close Combat Instructor
  • DT Instructor, International Police Task Force, IPTF
  • DT Instructor, IPTF in Kosovo
  • DT Instructor, Fairfax County, Va. Sheriff Dept.
  • DT Instructor, Camden, N.J. Police Dept.
  • DT Instructor, U.S. Air Marshalls
  • DT Instructor, President Hamid Karzi Protection Detail
  • DT Instructor, Jordanian Special Forces and Home Guard