McNamara Associates

  • I have worked with Mr. McNamara on numerous occasions at two different companies. I highly recommend his work, he is very professional and timely in his services. He is probably one of the most knowledgble people in HR Services around; and he just gets the "Job Done"

    Garrett S.

  • John McNamara's employee training services are the best I have used. I have hired his firm for Harassment Prevention training on more than one occasion and we get raves from our employees, which is highly unusual for required training.

    Sarah S.

  • John is talented Executive Coach who combines real-world experience and business knowledge to transform his clients into polished Senior Executives. He has a gift for identifying the key areas to focus on and is able to guide you through developing those areas turning development areas into strengths.

    Todd M.

Stellar College Match

  • I can't say enough about Aalok. His wealth of tutoring experience is certainly a major advantage, however his dedication and work ethic was what impressed us the most. What started out as just a few tutoring sessions for physics evolved into a wonderful relationship, guiding my son through his SATs and ACTs. Unlike many tutors' rigid availability schedules, Aalok went out of his way to work with my son's demanding high school schedule. He established a sincere rapport with my son and continues to touch base with him even now that he's at college. I am happy to recommend Aalok -- he is an exceptional young man and an excellent tutor.


  • Aalok Shah's in depth knowledge of admission testing, coupled with his easy demeanor, made all the difference for our son as he prepped for the college process. In addition to advising our son on the proper material to study, Aalok taught him to strategically tackle each section and manage his question answering time accordingly. He set up realistic weekly goals for our son to meet as well as providing many study guides and materials for his reference. We found Aalok’s advice on college planning extremely useful and he was always readily available to answer any questions that we had. Aalok’s calm and encouraging personality eased the stress surrounding standardized testing. This fall, our son will join the Rutgers University inaugural Honors College Class of 2019 with a full tuition, room & board scholarship worth $102,400. We are extremely grateful to Aalok for the integral role he played in making this happen. We cannot recommend Aalok highly enough to any family who is embarking on the college pathway.

    Peter and Kathy G.

  • I first met Aalok during the Fall of my junior year. At the time, I was preparing to take the PSATs. Aalok had been recommended and after about an hour and a half with him, I felt a lot more prepared for the upcoming test. Instead of taking a group class to prepare for the SATs, I decided to call Aalok up again, since I was already comfortable with him. I met with him a dozen or so times, for SAT help, physics help, and calculus help. He always made himself available around my busy schedule, coming as late as 11pm if need be. My tutoring sessions with Aalok definitely affected the outcome of my SATs for the better. He was patient, knowledgeable, relatable, and easy to talk to. Even though he constantly checked in with me to make sure I was studying, or was always giving me more practice problems, I enjoyed my time with Aalok. I went back to him for guidance during my senior year when I was applying to colleges and I can undoubtedly say that Aalok had an enormous impact on my academics and my life. I am happily enrolled as a sophomore at Boston College, thanks to Aalok's help during my junior and senior years in high school.


  • Aalok is both knowledgeable and patient. I believe his greatest strength lies in his ability to analyze where you need additional help. He has an intuitive sense of where to lead your lesson based on the feedback he is receiving during your lesson. Due to scheduling and distance I met with Aalok via Skype and found it as helpful as it would have been meeting face to face. In just four 1 Hr. lessons I was able to pass my Math Praxis which I had failed a month ago. A Great Big Thank You to Aalok! I highly recommend him.

    Gail W

  • Before working with Aalok I was fed up and stressed out. I had attempted the Praxis II Elementary Education Multiple Subject exam in Math three times and did not earn a passing score. Aalok did a wonderful job teaching the content knowledge in addition he provided me with test-taking strategies. I recently gave the exam with full confidence and finally PASSED all because of Aalok’s help! I can not thank Aalok enough for his time and help through this process. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a Praxis tutor!


  • My daughter has just completed her first semester, making Dean’s List, at the college of her dreams. It was a reach school...They accepted only a few students each year into the program she wanted, and we didn’t believe she would be accepted. As a matter of fact, we were so sure she wouldn’t get in, we accepted another university’s offer and paid the acceptance fee. At the end of April, a package arrived at our door, and to our shock, she received an acceptance letter to her top choice, USC, in California.

    I write this introduction, because without the help and assistance of John, none of this would have been possible.

    As a parent who works continuously to support my children, as most do today, it’s can be challenging to stay on top of what is now a complicated and vigorous college application process. She was a senior in high school, and it was getting later and later in the year… I felt overwhelmed by the process, the recommendations, interviews, essays, multiple applications outside of the common app. It’s not as simple as it once was, and staying on top of every college’s requirements and deadlines is a daunting task.

    I walked in to John’s office a disheveled bundle of nerves. I didn’t know where to begin or how to start the process. We all want the best for our kids and felt it was my blame and responsibility for not being diligent enough to stay on top of the process. John was cool, calm and collected, as if he had seen that look of a lost parent many times. He told me not to worry, that we didn’t miss any critical dates and that everything my daughter wanted to accomplish could still be completed. He sat down with her, got to know her… Her goals, her ambitions… We discussed what schools she wanted to attend… He took control of the situation from the beginning, assuring me that he would handle all the details and follow up work that needed to be done. It was hard for me to put that trust of your child’s future into someone else’s hands, but John allows you to feel comfortable in the decision to do so…

    He met with her regularly, meeting all deadlines, and completing all the applications in an efficient and organized manner. He kept me up to date regularly on the progress that was being made and always calmed me down when I felt things were spiraling out of control. Needless to say, he is a man of his word.

    I don’t say this lightly or often. There is no way my daughter would have gotten into the school she wanted without John’s assistance. He still, to this day, follows up on her progress and checks on how she is doing. He is someone I can recommend without hesitation that will do the best he can for your child as well… I am happy to now consider him a friend.

    Craig Rumberg

  • THANK YOU so much for your help during my search for employment over the past month or so. You certainly have been a tremendous help and your coaching approach is so much better than than I ever could have requested. I really appreciate your frankness, your very helpful advice, and all of the great laughs that we've shared. The advice that you provided about my resume, the mock interviews, and your availability for questions will never be forgotten.

    As of today, I've accepted a position as Budget Manager/Grants Administrator at National Quality Forum. In addition to having a great purpose, the company really seems to believe in investing in its employees and showing ongoing appreciation.

    I'm going to miss talking with you on a weekly basis, but I will definitely keep in touch. Thank your for letting me know about the other services that your company provides as well. I will keep you in mind if any training needs come about.

    Thanks again for everything.

    Talk soon.

    Angie Fifer