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Our desire to place our expertise in the hands of today's job seeker led us to fully research the need for our services.

Our Services

Career Services is comprised of Business and Human Resources professionals who are prepared to support our clients in the job search process.

We offer expert career coaching and services such as individualized CVs/resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, job search advice, preparation for interviews, networking skills, and career transition support.

Our career coaches assist clients in developing skills necessary for a successful, productive, efficient and effective job search process. We are confident our solutions will propel you to your greatest success! Allow us to support you in this important step.

Our Career Coaching Services

Career Services USA provides service packages based on your needs.

Assigned Career Coach

Having experience recruiting in the realm of Fortune 500 companies, our executives can coach you...

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CV/Resume Writing

Your CV/Resume is a marketing tool that enables employers to distinguish you as a person that can add value...

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Networking Skills

In order to be an effective networker you need to be selective in who you network with and what events...

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Customized Cover Letters

Cover letters are a critical tool in attracting the attention of a potential employer...

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Customized Thank You Letter

A Thank You letter goes a long way in the interview process and can potentially be the difference between...

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Interviewing Skills

An interview is a sales call; your goal is to sell the hiring manager on your skills and qualifications...

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Negotiation Skills

After the interview process is over, you may be nervous about the job acceptance process...

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Create LinkedIn Profile

Today companies are doing online recruiting and it is important to have a professional LinkedIn profile...

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Career Coaching Packages

Career Services USA provides service packages based on your needs. Contact us for more information.