Corporate Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment continues to be one of the biggest Employee Relations problems, today. Unfortunately, it is an element of the workplace that just won’t go away. Oftentimes, individuals don’t even realize that certain behaviors are offensive and discriminatory. An increase in awareness and understanding is essential in decreasing incidences.

McNamara & Associates, Inc. has worked with organizations in helping their management and employees increase their awareness and understanding of Sexual Harassment in the workplace. We have assisted organizations in establishing policies and procedures, conducting awareness training, and investigating and handling complaints. We also have experience in Expert Witness testimony.

We offer Sexual Harassment workshops that are tailored to the specific needs of an organization. These interactive workshops heighten awareness of what constitutes Harassment and how to prevent it or lessen its occurrence in the workplace.

The workshop objectives are to create awareness of:

  • What constitutes sexual harassment

  • Consequences of sexual harassment on people

  • Consequences of sexual harassment on the business

  • Roles and responsibilities of individuals

  • Roles and responsibilities of organizations

  • How to prevent sexual harassment

  • Legal ramifications of sexual harassment

See What Our Past Trainees Are Saying

“This training should be mandatory for all outsourced employees as well. Excelling training course for all to participate in.”

“Excellent training session. I appreciate that [our company] took this extra step to provide face to face training for this important topic, rather than a computer based learning activity.”

“Great presentation. Answers a lot of questions I didn’t know that I had! Thanks!”

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