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Aakash Sheth, through his recent and personal experience with a variety of standardized tests, brings a fresh perspective to Stellar College Match. Before his time with Stellar College Match, Aakash tutored both privately and via different volunteer organizations throughout high school and college. He has both tutoring and firsthand experience with the SAT, several SAT Subject tests, and the MCAT. His expertise also extends to undergraduate level coursework in introductory physics, chemistry, and mathematics along with all levels of biology.

Within the past five years, Aakash has scored in the top percentiles of twelve AP exams, four SAT subject Tests, the SAT, and the MCAT. With uniformly strong scores in a wide range of subject areas, Aakash comes from a unique perspective of bringing expertise in the form of a general academic approach that stresses critical thinking and abstract understanding. This approach is further tailored to the academic strengths and weaknesses of the individual student. Tutoring both ESL students and students with learning disabilities in the past, Aakash has experience with students possessing a wide variety of learning needs.

 Aakash’s teaching approach does NOT rely on silly gimmicks or instant success through cramming information. Instead, he focuses on helping students getting to the core of problems and understanding underlying concepts. His techniques and methods focus on helping students classify and group problems based on foundational principles, thereby allowing them to approach numerous problems of the same type rather than rote memorizing a single set of steps for an individual question.

As a former collegiate rower, aspiring powerlifter, and globally competitive collegiate debater, Aakash comes from a diverse background of different interests that allow him to see and explain these foundational principles from a multitude of different angles. In order to make the process of learning more enjoyable and approachable, he understands the importance of using different strategies, such as analogies and metaphors, to integrate the interests of his students with what they are learning.

Aakash’s expertise in Standardized Tests includes: SAT, ACT, SAT Subject tests, AP Exams, and the MCAT. His subject expertise includes: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I-III, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, U.S History, World History, Macroeconomics, and English.

Aakash attended The College of New Jersey for his B.S in Biology. He is currently attending Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.