John McNamara

Founder & CEO
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Professional Experience

As Chairman, Mr. McNamara is accountable for the quality and effectiveness of his professional consultations as well as those of his organization. As Founder and President, Mr. McNamara has worked with organizations to implement Organization & Management Development initiatives that are aligned to the business initiatives. His efforts have resulted in improved productivity, development of key business strategies, developing leadership capabilities and implementing processes to increase revenue and maintain a competitive advantage. He has been recognized for his ability to work well, in the capacity of Executive Coach, with all levels, within his client organizations. John maintains a “back to basics” approach, which has proven very successful.

John has extensive experience in the field of Employee Relations and Organization/ Management Development. He has expertise in policy interpretation, organizational practices and legal settlements. In addition, John has developed and implemented cutting edge Sexual Harassment Awareness Programs, Diversity Initiatives, Leadership Training and Performance Management programs.

John is formerly of Philip Morris Companies, Inc. where he was Director, Human Resources. John was responsible for Human Resource strategies for the Field Sales Force, Headquarters Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Significant accomplishments include the design and implementation of a cutting edge Dispute Resolution Program; managing a national effort to redesign selection practices including the development of a National University Relations Program to identify and hire hi-potential candidates; and was responsible for the execution of initiatives developed to streamline business execution. His leadership produced restructuring plans that were implemented on a national level and affected operating income of nearly $8 billion. He was also principally responsible for the design and implementation of a managed care approach to health care benefits.

A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Iona College in New York, Mr. McNamara is a member of the American Compensation Association, the American Management Association, the National Ombudsperson Association, the American Psychological Association, and the Society for Human Resources Management.